EGO protocol
5 min readApr 3, 2023
EGO Protocol ICO launch

Executive Summary:

EGO (ENERGY GENERATION OPPORTUNITY) Protocol is a blockchain-based platform that aims to tackle the issues of energy consumption and promote the adoption of renewable energy sources. By utilizing a reward system that validates individuals or entities with solar energy systems, EGO Protocol incentivizes the production and consumption of clean, sustainable energy. With its innovative approach, EGO Protocol seeks to provide solutions to the energy crisis while also promoting environmental sustainability.

The project will start with the EGO Token, an ERC20 token that is used for fundraising purposes and will be live first on the BNB blockchain. Once the EGO mainnet is launched, the EGO Token will be converted into EGO Coin. The EGO Coin will be used as the primary currency for all transactions within the EGO Protocol ecosystem, including for the reward system, buyback and burn program, and governance.

Problem Statement:

The world is facing an increasing energy demand, but traditional energy sources are becoming scarce, and more expensive and are also causing harm to the environment.


The goal of the EGO Protocol project is to create a blockchain that will drive people to adopt solar energy for their homes or businesses.


This will solve the energy shortage problem and will also provide an infinite surplus of energy. By creating a blockchain-based platform for solar energy, the project aims to create a more sustainable future for all.


This shift towards solar energy will help to reduce our dependence on non-renewable sources of energy, which in turn will lead to a cleaner, greener environment.


Additionally, this project aims to take us one step closer to becoming a Level 1 civilization by enabling a more efficient and effective distribution of energy resources.

The goal of the EGO Protocol project is to create a blockchain that will drive people to adopt solar energy for their homes or businesses.




Incentivizes people to adopt solar energy through a reward generation system when validating transactions.


Will be used as a reward for the validators inside the blockchain


All participants on EGO Blockchain that owns a solar system installed.


This roadmap provides a more detailed outline of the steps the EGO Protocol project will take to achieve its goals. The timeline for each step may vary and be adjusted as needed based on the progress and success of the project.

Launch EGO Token With Presale on 2023 Aug. 1st.


Phase 1

Starting Price: 0.00015 BNB

Total Supply: 100000000 tokens

Phase 2

Starting Price: 0.00025 BNB

Total Supply: 75000000 tokens

Phase 3

Starting Price: 0.00030 BNB

Total Supply: 25000000 tokens

Build The Community

Utilize social media platforms to engage with the community and share updates and news.

Create educational content to inform and educate potential investors.

Host AMA sessions to encourage interaction and discussion.

Partner with relevant organizations and influencers to reach a wider audience.

Liquidity Pools from presale

Use funds from the presale to create liquidity pools on various decentralized exchanges (DEXs). This will ensure that the EGO token is easily accessible to investors and users.

Listing EGO token

Listing to Coinmarketcap and Coingecko:

After the presale, get the EGO token listed on reputable crypto data aggregators like coinmarketcap and coingeko. This will increase the visibility and credibility of the project, and make it easier for investors to track the performance of the token

Multiple Airdrops & burning programs

Regular airdrops will be organized throughout the life of the project. Token holders will have opportunities to earn prizes such as NFTs or tokens. Burning programs that will keep the token price stable.

Reward generation of energy not consumption of energy

The EGO Protocol project aims to reward the generation of energy instead of its consumption. This will encourage the adoption of sustainable energy sources and reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources. Launch EGO Mainnet (Blockchain) Implement EGO Coin reward system Burning programs that will keep the token price stable.

Energy Generation Opportunity Token

The EGO Token will be used for fundraising purposes, and it will serve as a bridge between the initial investors and the EGO Protocol project. It can be traded on the Binance DEX, which is a decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain, and will provide liquidity for the EGO TOKEN

As the EGO Protocol project progresses, the EGO Token can be used to access certain features of the platform, such as voting on protocol upgrades or staking as a validator to earn rewards. The token is an ERC-20 token, which means it follows the standard for tokens on the BSC and other E.V.M. blockchains.

The value of the EGO Token is tied to the success and adoption of the EGO Protocol platform, and its growth potential is driven by the increasing demand for decentralized and sustainable energy solutions.

The EGO Token is a crucial component of the EGO Protocol platform and provides benefits for both users and investors, creating a sustainable and mutually beneficial ecosystem.

In EGO Protocol’s case, the buyback and burn program is intended to increase the value of the EGO token by reducing the supply over time. The mechanism works by using a portion of the project’s revenue to buy back EGO tokens from the open market, which are then burned, effectively reducing the total supply. This process is designed to occur on a regular basis to help maintain a healthy token economy and provide long-term benefits to EGO Protocol’s community of token holders.

Reward generation of energy, not consumption of energy

This phase will be carried out on a standalone blockchain, the EGO Chain Network (ENC), and EGO Token will become the native cryptocurrency (EGO Coin) of the EGO Protocol blockchain platform.

In the EGO Protocol platform, rewards are generated through the production of energy, not the consumption of energy. Users who generate surplus energy through solar panels or other renewable energy sources are rewarded with EGO Coin, creating a new incentivization system that promotes the use of renewable energy sources.

The rewards are designed to encourage more people to adopt renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

By providing incentives for renewable energy production, EGO Protocol aims to solve the problem of energy shortage and promote a more sustainable future. This decentralized platform will ensure secure and transparent transactions for all participants, providing an ideal environment for the growth and stability of the EGO Coin.

The introduction of the EGO Chain Network as the underlying technology will further enhance the potential of the EGO project and drive its adoption in the wider cryptocurrency community. The implementation of the independent blockchain is a crucial step in establishing the EGO Protocol as a leading player in the crypto space.